Travel with Rhode Island Fast Ferry and we will get you to Martha’s Vineyard faster than all the other ferries in Massachusetts; you will spend less time in your car and more time on your vacation or day-trip!

  • Newest most luxurious fast ferry:  the “Ava Pearl” offer business-class amenities, outside sundeck seating, plush-cushioned interior seating, climate controlled interior with a full-service bar and light fare. Our customer service speaks for itself!
  • Location, Location, Location:  our departure location from Quonset Point is the most convenient and fastest way to travel to Martha’s Vineyard, including time in your car and on the ferry.  We are the only ferry that avoids all the Providence and Cape Cod traffic!
  • Dockside Parking:  forget those off-site shuttle parking lots in Massachusetts, we are the only ferry that offers all dockside parking. Travel all the way out to other ferries in Massachusetts and you could be parking up to 12-miles away in an off-site parking lot and then have to hop on/off a shuttle bus to the ferry terminal along with 1,000 other passengers!  Park with us dockside for only $15 bucks per day!
  • Closest Ferry to an Airport:  Flying into town? we are only 15-minutes from the Providence TF Green (PVD) Airport.  If you have to fly into Boston Logan (BOS) Airport rent a car and drive to us – we are only 90-minutes away which is still a shorter trip than going out to Woods Hole, MA.
  • Closest Ferry to Amtrak:  you like the train? we have passengers from Washington DC to Boston who take the train to our ferry.  We are only 25 minutes from the Providence Amtrak (PVD) Station which services both the slow train and Acela and 25 minutes from the West Kingston (KIN) Station which services the slow train.

Rhode Island Fast Ferry is the closest ferry service to Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Western Massachusetts and the City of Providence. Sail with us and we will save you 2-3 hours of travel time each way which is more time you’ll spend having fun on Martha’s Vineyard!